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Port Townsend Rotary
2015 Community Services Committee Approved Grants

Rotary has awarded a total of $16,000 among the following organizations:

PT Rotarians
Manning the “Blue Gate”

Jefferson Co Fair

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1) Lima de Abajo--close to Chacala off the main road towards the ocean. The 1st 3 pics are of that school. Hopefully you will get to visit. This school is amazing...the children are so well behaved & the moms are so enthusiastic about their children coming to school. I could not get over how well Gema had their attention throughout her puppet show of "Who is Your Mama"--it was adorable!! During the Chacala Music Festival, we take the 'Kinder Music" program to their school, of course the kids LOVE it! Gema will keep you posted of Your Partner Schools throughout the year. The pics of these kids are in their school uniform. Many of the schools do have uniforms.

2) El Divisadero--also close to Chacala off the main road towards the ocean. The last 4 pics are of this school. The teacher in this school is male & he is fabulous. One of the things the children do SO well here is music--a lot of talent. Their teacher has them singing all the time. During the Chacala Music Festival when we took the Kinder Music program to them...THEY preformed for us. You will see in the pics, these children do not wear uniforms.
**Caution...if you go to visit...you will want to take ALL these kids home with you.:) I cannot tell you how much the teachers & parents appreciate the Books on Wheels program for their schools.

THANKS to both of your clubs for your commitment to bring literacy to their schools in rural Mexico! … Janell L (Weeks) Tessari M.S.

Welcome to the Port Townsend Rotary website.  We hope that you will learn a little more about who we are, what we do, and what makes our club special.

We invite you to visit us at a Tuesday noon meeting at the Fort Worden Commons. You’ll meet an eclectic and friendly mix of interesting people, enjoy a stimulating program and a tasty buffet lunch. Perhaps you’ll consider finding more about what makes Rotary – and Rotarians – such a vital force in their communities and the wider world.

Rotarians are dedicated to making a difference at home through community service of many kinds, from the mundane (roadside litter cleanup) to the significant (major grants to community organizations).  Just as important, Rotary International is an engine of hope globally with grants and volunteer assistance for life-changing projects all over the world.

Service Above Self is the Rotary motto. Come visit us to see how we put these words into action.

Pat Vaughan
President 2015-2016

Thoughts from a new member Grants Awarded to District 5020 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
Here's a photo of our inbound student from Belgium, Vincent Noirhomme, when he arrived at SeaTac last week. There to greet him were members of his first two host families: the Gambles and Westlunds.


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